Trailing, Tracing & Knowing
Your Transactions

End-to-end transaction chains are complex and contain mountains of data. It takes expert dedication in terms of technology and team to turn the data into actionable insights for operational excellence, compliance and audit, and for sharing with ancillary services.

Smart, contextual and real-time.

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Swimming in a sea of payments and securities data?

Tracing, trailing and knowing your transactions is what we are all about. From finding the needle in the transaction haystack to fixing the friction in the transaction flow, and knowing your transaction (KYT) as deeply as possible for compliance and audit. Think compliance and archiving. Think payment transparency. Think Value@Risk. Think operational efficiency. Think real-time monitoring and alerting. Think contextual insights. And much more.

Start with xTRAIL, xTRACE and xCOMPLY to further xPLORE all types of use cases and xPONENTIAL benefits and industry insights.


Search & Visibility

Finding a needle in a ‘transaction’ haystack is one thing, knowing how to find it and executing similar searches is quite another. Intix deploys the right technology and people to give you repeatable real-time results, time and time again: xTRAIL.


Control & Action

Following (sets of) data in real time in heavy duty transaction environments is of vital importance to any bank or infrastructure that plays a core role in a larger ecosystem and economy. Tracing leads to alerts, to insights, to action and reaction: xTRACE.

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Know & Comply

Every piece of data counts in compliance operations. There is no escape to knowing your transactions as deeply as possible: you ought to get a holistic view on payments and their business context to comply with regulatory obligations: xCOMPLY.



More & More
Payment and securities transaction flows are niche and generic at the same time. The process flow might be the same, the types, characteristics and requirements differ. xPLORE Intix and you will find a wealth of use cases as proof of the many unique queries we can solve for you - your customers - your entire eco-system. Learn, earn and reap your return.



Inspiration & Education
At Intix we know that ultimately it is all about technology in the hands of the right people. About curiosity and linking that to experience. About opening the windows to the world of SWIFT, a world of transactions in securities and payments alike. We live and learn. From others and from you. Join xPONENTIAL and see what more, what else you can do with your data.

MT to MX linking

xTRAIL supports the visual comparison of MT and MX messages in the context of ISO 20022 migration.

The MT and MX message payloads are associated so that the end-user can open a dialogue where both messages are shown next to one another.



Do you want to get more out of the data in your transaction environment? Do you want to really understand what goes on behind the deals flowing through your securities system? Do you want to be ahead of any question of the regulators by knowing where your answers can be found? Trace and Trail with Intix. Our team loves a challenge.