Better insights.
Better outcomes.

Intix is a transaction data management platform that gives you visibility of everything you need to make decisions quickly, identify problems and overcome bottlenecks.

With Intix, you get a complete view of your transaction data at every step. Built with and for the financial industry, we provide a reliable way for you to deliver fast, smooth and compliant transaction processing.

The world of finance is changing 

The volume and scale of financial transactions and payments have grown. Financial institutions need to meet their customers’ increasing need for speed and issue resolution, even as payment and transaction complexity increases.

Intix can bring your fragmented, inaccessible data together into a single, traceable 360-degree view. Get instant access to the data you need, so you can monitor, trace and report on progress, giving you and your customers the visibility and efficiency they deserve.

Intix gives you:

  • A complete view on transactions
  • The ability to instantly trace, monitor and report on transactions
  • A reliable solution built by, with and for the financial industry

Clear, comprehensive and actionable

Intix helps you stay in control of a changing financial landscape. With your transaction data integrated in one place, you can access what you need at any time, and give your customers the right information to plan ahead.


Get to grips with all of your data

Turn financial data into action, with a consolidated view of all associated data, messages and events. Get alerted to bottlenecks and discrepancies to improve decision making and ensure transactions progress smoothly. Intix gives your people the power to make the best choices, spend less time chasing unknown datapoints and focus on delivering better service.  


Track every stage

By linking transaction data with other data sources, your teams can analyse information in the right context. You can then help regulators to build a clearer understanding and make accurate analysis, improving your chance of compliance and giving you more control over reporting.  

Sibos 2023 | 18-21 September | Toronto

Come along to Stand D24 and discover how Intix can help you manage all of your transaction data for better compliance and efficiency.

Realise a clearer future 

Integrating seamlessly into your existing data platforms, Intix gives you everything you need to track, manage and report on transactions in real-time, without needing to rip up your legacy infrastructure.  


Make decisions faster

Intix enables you to act on real-time data, so your teams always know how transactions are moving and where delays are coming from.  


Report with confidence

All your data in one place makes reporting simpler, quicker and more accurate. So you can provide the best information to your customers and speed up problem resolution.  


Detect fraud earlier

Early detection is key to combat fraud. Intix can raise the alarm as soon as a problem occurs, so you can make the right choices and prevent fraud events from escalating.  


Remove bottlenecks

You can configure rules and get alerts for significant transaction events. These include highvalue transaction alerts, as well as operational bottlenecks, so your teams can make changes as soon as problems arise and keep the money moving.  

Want to know more?

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Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team with any questions.