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Our clients, their stories

“Intix delivers insight into the end-to-end transaction data and helps us interpret the data to make strategic decisions.”

Standard Bank

Sajid Gani, Head of CIB Operations South Africa, Standard Bank

“At macro level, it’s about creating a glass pipe – or in technical terms business activity monitoring – to provide a full value chain view of client and proprietary payments and to understand the value at risk. Intix will show us the data and help me interpret the data to make strategic decisions. The data tells the story but you have to look for the story.”

Full interview is available here.

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Société Générale

Eric Bayle, Head of Global Transaction Banking UK, Société Générale

“The key element is customer experience both on the retail and wholesale sides. Also banks realise that they are not software companies. Today banks show more and more openness to third parties that are software companies. That’s what we did with Intix for increasing access to financial messaging data. Thanks to Intix, we can handle client queries instantly as we have instant access to 10 years of financial messaging data.”

Full interview is available here.

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Martin Grunewald, Chief Business Officer, BankservAfrica

“We process 9.5 billion transactions per year and we are using Intix to monitor those flows. We created awesome dashboards for our clients. My recommendation to my peers in the industry is to have a look at Intix. We at BankservAfrica got benefits from Intix, and my peers might benefit as well. We are happy to share our experience too. It might be as good for you as it is for us.”

Full interview is available here.


Erik Zingmark, Head of Transaction Banking, Nordea

“Customers are asking themselves: how comes the bank doesn’t know where the payment is. At Nordea, we strive to monitor in real time where payments are both within and outside Nordea. This is the goal of the business activity monitoring (BAM) project which is based on Intix. Managing incidents will be the next objective as well as integrating P27 flows. Intix brings us end-to-end transparency which has become a must-have  to serve clients.”

Full interview is available here.

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