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About Intix

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Smart - Contextual - Real time

“Actionable transaction data” is what we are all about at Intix. Driven by passion and pragmatism around transaction data, we – a team of transaction experts.

Our promise to you is threefold: compliance to be in the game, operational efficiency to stay in the game and business development to grow in the game.

We offer technology that is built for the imperfect world of yesterday. A world of organisational silos, of legacy technology, of industry standards that sometimes are not totally standard and more. For banks and securities houses that merge or acquire, that reorganise and have changing commands of control.

That is why our technology does not attach itself to your data, but traces, trails, marks and sorts it for use by other systems, reports and dashboards. This way we can provide a complete picture of an institution’s financial transactions across a myriad of data sources and data formats.

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People matter most. Even technology is highly culturally sensitive and the deeper we dive into data, the more we realise that the only way forward is open collaboration with like minded spirits who have a deep understanding in different domains. Meet some of our partners or.. reach out and work with us.

Our partners


FIS work with 95% of the world’s leading banks. FIS support more than one million merchants around the globe. So when you buy a coffee, check your balances, or invest in your 401(K), you’re likely running on FIS software.

FIS’ decision to partner with Intix underlines the company’s continued growth and its burgeoning reputation as a strong, recognized, and reliable partner for the world’s biggest financial services and fintech companies. The company’s unique and powerful solutions are enabling companies like FIS to enhance service offerings for clients, facilitating greater access and analysis of transaction data in a time and cost-effective manner.

We also work with local players

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Intercom Enterprises is a trusted partner of Intix for Egypt. Intercom Enterprises is a leading systems integrator that has been able to support its customers in diverse industry sectors with the best-in-class services and solution offerings and is proudly considered a success partner by industry key players in the Banking, Government and public sector, Defense, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications and Manufacturing and commercial sector.

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STP House is a trusted partner of Intix for Israel. STP house is a financial messaging boutique, focusing at back-office solutions with a proven track record in project execution and client care in the US, Europe and Israel. STP house core value is at delivering financial solutions, implementation services and project management for the financial market. We assist our customers with cutting their operational costs; increasing efficiency and improving projects execution.