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Turn data into action,
in real-time.

Bring all your data together, including master data sets, to build a full, real-time picture of transactions being processed across the entire lifecycle. Uncover the insights you need, address problems proactively and avoid the pitfalls of failed SLAs.

Track & Trace enables you to monitor and track issues in real-time, providing a transparent process monitoring system that helps you achieve operational excellence.

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Rid your business of risk with our comprehensive transaction management solution. When you can see it all, you can make the right choices to protect your brand, meet customer expectations and adhere to complex regulations.


Reconcile and deliver notifications and messages, on every part of the transaction lifecycle. Have complete control over your operations from end to end.

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Real-time alerts

Create rule-based alerts so you can identify problem areas and fix them before they escalate, protecting your relationships.


Alerts ensure you can carry out investigations easily and meet compliance obligations. You can spot problems like fraud and manage high-value transactions automatically, to build a more responsive, efficient data-led operation.

Why tracking?

Intix sets your transaction data in a real-life context, giving you full control and
helping you connect the dots between transactions, bottlenecks and reporting.

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Creating efficiencies for you and your customers

Intix optimises your organisation’s operational, IT, compliance and business teams, allowing you to serve your customers with confidence and transparency.

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Simplify reporting and analysis

When you have all of your data in one place, you can aggregate and understand it all the way down to individual transactions and related processing events.

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Improve customer service through automation

We make it easier for your employees to quickly find the information they require. We reduce manual tasks and time spent managing queries with powerful automation, allowing your team to focus on value-added tasks.

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Compliance and forensics support

We provide you with the foundation to respond to evolving regulatory requirements by centralising all of your data. You can manage your compliance commitments in a timely manner with configurable reporting.

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Seamless integration

Because Intix works with what you already have, there is no need to replace your existing systems. Instead, we aggregate all of your data and make it usable.

Understand your ecosystem


Resolve investigations faster

With Intix, you can respond to requests faster and equip regulators with all the information they need.


Spot fraud early

Intix raises alerts on time so you can stay ahead of event like collusion fraud, and make the necessary measures to limit any financial or reputational damage.


Build AI and machine learning models

We can help you to build new ways of working, making data more usable for next-generation applications such as AI, speeding up implementation and helping you unlock more efficiency in your data.


Automate compliance

Once your data is available and in one place, you can build repeatable, resilient processes to analyse and report on it. So compliance gets easier and easier over time and you never need to let customers down.