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‘Richly Deserved’ – Rabobank and Nordea discuss the role of payment transaction data with Intix

New payment messaging systems are adding to the data goldmine that banks have been sitting on for...

Evolution of cross-border payments piles pressure on banks

Developments in sector are beneficial but bring risks too, says Intix CMO

"Rewriting the payments story"

Sajid Gani, Head of Operations for CIB South Africa, Standard Bank outlines his decision to embrace...

Intix helps banks mitigate new transparency risks in cross-border payments

Transparency in payment processing introduces new risks - Are you protecting your reputation?

Cross-border payments are becoming increasingly transparent. There is no doubt that slow and opaque inter-bank processes are becoming unacceptable in an increasingly digital and real-time economy. Incumbent messaging and payment processing platforms are tackling this issue fiercely by enhancing global...



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Richer data poised to become the pre-condition for cross-border payments to thrive

Data gained through ISO 20022 migration will impact corporate efficiency at different levels.

Data is fast becoming a crucial enabler of faster and more frictionless cross-border payments. As payments become more commoditised, the ability to tap into data that accompanies payments is becoming increasingly important for compliance and reconciliation.

The Global Treasurer
Treasurers demand more visibility over payments, says ACT

Part of what treasurers need is more visibility of future payment flows. If instant payments replace ACH, you lose the clearing cycle and get no visibility at all of what may be going out or coming in.