Every transaction. 
One view.

We provide a clear, comprehensive view of your transaction data that modern banking customers expect. Get visibility in seconds instead of weeks, with simplified data management, rapid reporting and the solid foundation for better decisions. 

Intix provides financial institutions with a modern data management platform, that gives you instant access to all your transaction data in one place, whatever the source.



Get a clear, comprehensive view of your transaction data whether archived or still being processing. With Transactions, you get instant access and intuitive, navigation-based search to drill down into all your transaction data, anytime. You can retain it for as long as necessary, and access the full picture of your data, no matter how many legacy systems it is sourced from.

Real-time indexing of messaging data from any place gives you a continuous path to the actual source and single version of the truth. Pinpoint the information you need at any time, to remove operational bottlenecks and save hours of effort. Transactions delivers extensive analytics across end-to-end transactions, so you can automate reporting, analyse specific points and search for relevant insights across data sets.

Modernise your data for powerful delivery

Manage transactions with ease, with the only platform built by transaction experts.
We’ll bring your data into view so you can get access to the information you need in seconds.  

Improve experiences 

Get the information you need to accelerate your internal processes, with a modern transaction data platform.   

Streamline manual jobs 

Help your people access the information they need, quickly. With powerful automation of your transaction data, your people won’t have to chase down queries and can spend more time on value-added tasks.

Integrate easily

Intix works with what you have already, so you don’t need to replace your current systems. Instead, we bring all your data together and make it usable.  

Take your data further 


Make analytics easy

Move on from manual data collection and get real-time, automated reporting and analytics for your transactions. Intix can report in your chosen language and provide detailed insight from all your accessible data.  


Consolidate unlimited data

With Intix, you can identify individual data points from any source in your data network, giving you a single source of truth to address customer questions and ensure compliance.  


Visualise success

With dashboards and interactive graphical representation, Intix helps you to engage with the information at your fingertips, so you can quickly spot trends, search for insight and take effective decisions.  

Want to know more?

To discover how Intix works in practice, you can schedule a demo at a time that suits you. 
Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team with any questions.