The Fintech Show: The Data in a Payment – What insights can be gained from new data accessibility? - Intix
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In this November 2022 episode of The Fintech Show, we look at how compliance officers have been tasked with the hardest jobs of all in a bank, sifting through payments data. We are seeing Money laundering fines, scams, chargebacks and when payments travel Real Time, is this even possible?

Payments technology and culture has outstripped what has been previously thought possible – how can the banks comply with the increasingly inventive regulators, will the banks who didn’t get their data in order last decade survive this new era? Or am I asking the wrong questions?

What are the end customer benefits for this enhanced data reporting?

To find out more we’ve spoken to experts from the entire financial services ecosystem to tell us about this evolving landscape and give me the exciting lowdown on some of the use cases both retail and commercial customers can expect from their payments in the future. First up we travelled to Amsterdam to meet André Casterman from Intix at Sibos! A must-attend event for anyone in the payments space so we were glad to catch André for a moment of his time because Intix makes transaction data actionable in real-time, so we knew they would be critical for today’s show.

Back in the South London branch of FF News we caught up with Matt Cox virtually from the Building society Nationwide! Matt is the Director of Digital and card Payments and so was perfectly placed to explain how customers are starting to demand more from their payments and their data.

Discover the full video here.



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