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“Forget about further automation and differentiation around your services if you can’t find and access the right transaction details”

About xTRAIL

xTRAIL fits easily within your existing technology and transaction environment to break down organisational and technical silos that typically exist within financial institutions to provide a complete picture across a myriad of data. Real-time access to messaging data enables high performance search, access, reporting and dashboarding.

The intelligence of the solution lies in the unlimited array of data sources and formats supported, including market standards such as SWIFT MT, MX (ISO 20022) and FIX, including domestic standards. Custom or proprietary formats are covered through the definition of a custom format dictionary.

Repeatable real-time results: xTRAIL.


Finding a needle in a ‘transaction’ haystack is one thing knowing how to find it and executing similar searches is quite another. Intix deploys the right technology and people to give you repeatable real-time results time and time again: xTRAIL.



Real-time indexing of messaging data from any type or source, xTRAIL offers a continuous path to the actual data source as a repeatable and re-usable ‘trail to truth’.



Instant access to messaging data, supporting form-based searching as well as intuitive navigation based search, including API based access for third party applications. Click and drill down for any presentation of your choice.



Supervisors spend too much time on manual gathering and manipulation of data. xTRAIL reports the data automatically in the language the receiving source demands and understands.



Our brains all have different ways of being able to manage data. xTRAIL offers the same data in a myriad of dashboards to give you a numeric or graphical representation, from overview right down to individual transaction level.

MT to MX linking

xTRAIL supports the visual comparison of MT and MX messages in the context of ISO 20022 migration.

The MT and MX message payloads are associated so that the end-user can open a dialogue where both messages are shown next to one another.



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