Intix and FIS Join Forces to Transform Financial Institutions

Mechelen, July 5th 2023

In a move that reaffirms its long-term growth ambitions, specialist data management company, Intix has announced a strategic partnership with FIS, a global Fintech leader.

As part of the agreement, Intix’ data warehousing and analytic capabilities, as well as its transaction tracking technology will provide banks with new and advanced data accessibility features. With this addition, FIS clients around the world will now benefit from greater capability, control, and visibility over their payment flows.

In doing so, the exciting partnership will deliver new value to global financial institutions working alongside FIS. Additionally, it will enable the globally recognized leader to offer its financial institution clients access to the most advanced technologies available in order to search and report on payment transaction data, as well as to support any forensic investigation on financial messaging data.

FIS' decision to partner with Intix underlines the company’s continued growth and its burgeoning reputation as a strong, recognized, and reliable partner for the world’s biggest financial services and fintech companies. The company’s unique and powerful solutions are enabling companies like FIS to enhance service offerings for clients, facilitating greater access and analysis of transaction data in a time and cost-effective manner.

Speaking on the new partnership, Daniel Hurst, VP, EMEA Head of Product and Services, B2B Payments and Money Movement at FIS commented: “We want to offer our financial institution clients the most advanced technologies and the best experiences. With Intix, we have found the ideal partner to provide our customers with a world class payments warehouse analytics and reporting solutions. We are delighted to launch new modules FIS Transaction Warehouse and Reporting and Central Payments Store with multi OPF User Interface Suite.”

Similarly, Antoine Cuypers, Director of Strategic Alliances & Key Accounts at Intix stated: “We are thrilled to partner with a veritable global leader in FIS and to help bring new value to their clients in a seamless way. Financial institutions rely on their transaction data for daily operations and for remaining compliant with regulatory requirements. It is a must for them to be able to get instant access and generate the appropriate reports.”

Intix continues to take great strides towards its goal of making transaction data actionable in real-time. Now, as a key strategic partner of FIS, Intix can go even further in this effort and help financial institutions to enhance the level of service they offer to their clients.

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