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    Clearstream Selects Intix for Transaction Data Management

    Middle-aged man in glasses and a navy suit sitting in an office setting, with the name "daniel besse" and title "cio at clearstream" displayed.

    Clearstream, a global leader in the securities services sector, has selected Intix to manage its financial messaging data warehouse capability across its entire organisation.  

    Enabled by Intix’s advanced transaction data management capabilities, Clearstream will have enhanced accessibility to financial messaging data, such as SWIFT MTs and ISO 20022 structured messages and files. Moving forward, Clearstream will benefit from Single Window Access to all transaction data operating across all its data and silos, including legacy systems. 

    Clearstream’s decision to adopt Intix’s innovative suite of solutions reflects an initiative to drive innovation, in line with growing regulatory and customer demands. 

    Daniel Besse, Executive Board Member- Head of Post Trade IT at Clearstream commented: “As one of the biggest global post-trade infrastructure providers, we are processing thousands of transaction data messages each day. Intix’ solution gives us easy access, comprehensive insight, and structured analytics for messaging data across our systems, thereby simplifying operational processes immensely.” 

    To discover more about Intix, please forward your contact details below and see first hand how Intix gives you visibility of your transaction data and flows in real-time, helping you find the needle in the transaction data haystack.

    Watch the video with Daniel Besse of Clearstream here:

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