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The catalogue of Intix use cases.

Payment and securities transaction flows are niche and generic at the same time. The process flow might be the same, the types, characteristics and requirements differ. xPLORE Intix and you will find a wealth of use cases as proof of the many unique queries we can solve for you – your customers – your entire eco-system.


Learn, earn and reap your return.

xPLORE Intix and you will find a wealth of use cases as proof of the many other directions in which you can venture with xTRAIL & xTRACE. Monitoring your cross border payments for compliance purposes, may lead to using the same data to see if you did indeed offer your customers the most optimal and cost effective route for international payments. Having built a group level xTRAIL information system, might be of service when you do a deep dive into the data to analyse where your future Open Banking revenue streams and optimisation may come from. Securities transactions contain rich sets of data, tampering with its contents can lead to very pricy breaches of integrity, not to mention the cause of reputational damage.

Take a deep dive into xPLORE for ideation on what more to do with xTRAIL & xTRACE to further protect, optimise and monetise your transactions business. Buy for one goal, redeploy and build on this investment for your next goal. Here are some ideas drawn from Intix’ real life experience.

Infographic illustrating how intix transaction analytics improves operational efficiency and investigation activities in customer data science with challenges, solutions, and performance metrics.

Large CSD is improving operational efficiency in their analysis and investigation activities

Corporate presentation slide for "intix business activity monitoring (bam)" with the title "tier 1 bank use case," displaying graphs and the intix logo.

Tier 1 Bank in United States is transforming customer experience in payments transactions

MT to MX linking


Payment operations are as strong as its weakest link: BAM

As transaction banking experiences a wave of digital innovation, one value proposition stands out: maximising visibility and analytics on end-to-end transaction processing.

Transactions such as payments, foreign exchange, trade finance and securities are processed and executed by a multitude of specific systems. This means that monitoring internal processing of financial transactions is critical to ensure flawless operations and straight-through processing from front- to back-office. 

The Intix data management solution provides enterprise-wide business activity monitoring integrating both internal and external transaction data feeds and also tracks high volumes of transactions in real-time.


File to find: Legal archiving

Regulators require financial institutions to keep long-term archives of financial messages in accordance with a series of technical storage requirements. How can technology help institutions organise those transaction data archives and ensure they are easily accessible?

Financial institutions are required to archive financial messages (for example, Swift) according to specific technical standards relating to readability, integrity and auditability.

The Intix solution helps IT teams respond to such regulatory requirements by enabling financial institutions to create and organise their financial messaging archives in a compliant manner.


Compliance: seeing, checking, challenging, knowing

How can data technology help compliance officers investigate sets of transactions with a click of a mouse? 

Regulatory scrutiny of financial institutions has increased dramatically over the last
decade, making the job of regulatory compliance officers ever-more challenging.
One of the main obstacles compliance officers face is data accessibility, which is
often compromised due to legacy technology or dependency on other departments.


Instant access = Instant Insight

How can data technology help operations and business teams access all transaction data and benefit from real-time insights?

Data has become an economic asset. Business teams within wholesale banking need continuous insights into past and ongoing business activity, while operations teams require granular access to transaction details for investigation purposes.

Find out how the Intix solution helps operations and business teams face these challenges. Its data management technology helps these teams access original transaction details from long-term archives and production systems, whilst recognising all past and current financial messaging formats.


Trace the transaction to ‘Follow the money’

As fraud continues to make headlines, financial institutions continue to invest in risk mitigation solutions.

Recent fraud cases have highlighted the significant financial and reputational damage caused by internal fraudulent activities such as falsification of payment instructions, self-
authorisation of instructions through collusion and injection of fraudulent messages into processing workflows.

Intix tracks each step of the transaction processing chain in real-time and raises alerts when identifying any change in transaction details. This enables protection measures in real-time and notifications being raised without delay.


Real-time analytics on your SWIFT messaging data

Do you wish to remain informed about the evolution of your SWIFT financial flows on a real-time basis?

Do you wish to know now what happens now?

You want to benefit from statistical insights on the evolution of your financial messaging flows but your existing systems just can’t deliver the information in an aggregated way.

With xTRAIL, you get full visibility on your financial messaging – whether operated in SWIFT’s MT and/or in the ISO 20022 MX messages.


Transaction Integrity Surveillance

Operational excellence thanks
to real-time surveillance.

You care about the quality of your internal transaction processing. You aspire to reach
operational excellence. You are also aware about the risks of processing issues whether
related to collusion fraud or due to technical or operational circumstances. You know
end-to-end transaction integrity is a major prerequisite to deliver operational excellence.

You want to benefit from a continuous watch on your transactional operations in
particular with regards to end-to-end flow processing such as retail and wholesale
payments, securities, fx and trade finance.

You want to get informed about any integrity case that might occur at any time and that
ought to be spotted as soon as possible so you can trigger the appropriate analysis
and remediation.

MT to MX linking

xTRAIL supports the visual comparison of MT and MX messages in the context of ISO 20022 migration.

The MT and MX message payloads are associated so that the end-user can open a dialogue where both messages are shown next to one another.