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Payment operations are as strong as its weakest link: BAM

As transaction banking experiences a wave of digital innovation, one value proposition stands out: maximising visibility and analytics on end-to-end transaction processing. Transactions such as payments, foreign exchange, trade finance and securities are processed and executed by a multitude of specific systems. This means that monitoring internal processing of financial transactions is critical to ensureContinue reading “Payment operations are as strong as its weakest link: BAM”

File to find: Legal archiving

Regulators require financial institutions to keep long-term archives of financial messages in accordance with a series of technical storage requirements. How can technology help institutions organise those transaction data archives and ensure they are easily accessible? Financial institutions are required to archive financial messages (for example, Swift) according to specific technical standards relating to readability,Continue reading “File to find: Legal archiving”

Compliance: seeing, checking, challenging, knowing

How can data technology help compliance officers investigate sets of transactions with a click of a mouse?  Regulatory scrutiny of financial institutions has increased dramatically over the lastdecade, making the job of regulatory compliance officers ever-more challenging.One of the main obstacles compliance officers face is data accessibility, which isoften compromised due to legacy technology orContinue reading “Compliance: seeing, checking, challenging, knowing”

Instant access = Instant Insight

How can data technology help operations and business teams access all transaction data and benefit from real-time insights? Data has become an economic asset. Business teams within wholesale banking need continuous insights into past and ongoing business activity, while operations teams require granular access to transaction details for investigation purposes. Find out how the IntixContinue reading “Instant access = Instant Insight”

Trace the transaction to ‘Follow the money’

As fraud continues to make headlines, financial institutions continue to invest in risk mitigation solutions. Recent fraud cases have highlighted the significant financial and reputational damage caused by internal fraudulent activities such as falsification of payment instructions, self-authorisation of instructions through collusion and injection of fraudulent messages into processing workflows. Intix tracks each step ofContinue reading “Trace the transaction to ‘Follow the money’”

Transaction Integrity Surveillance

Operational excellence thanksto real-time surveillance. You care about the quality of your internal transaction processing. You aspire to reachoperational excellence. You are also aware about the risks of processing issues whetherrelated to collusion fraud or due to technical or operational circumstances. You knowend-to-end transaction integrity is a major prerequisite to deliver operational excellence. You wantContinue reading “Transaction Integrity Surveillance”