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NextGen Nordics, 23 April 2024, Stockholm Sweden, where we are a proud partner and exhibitor.

Let’s talk about data management in transaction banking.

  • Find the needle in your transaction haystack
  • Get actionable insights from transaction data in seconds
  • Comply with industry regulations and ISO 20022.

Intix helps financial institutions gain more visibility and control over their payment transaction data by providing real-time access to transaction details, end-to-end transaction tracking, real-time monitoring and alerting, … This enables them to identify value at risk, achieve operational excellence and ensure business agility.

At NextGen Nordics, we will share our experience of making payment transaction data actionable in real time through our latest client testimonials and use cases. We will also introduce new use cases around Know-Your-Transaction.

Meet us at NextGen Nordics on 23 April 2024.

The Intix team is looking forward to welcoming you there.