Working at Intix

Tick the box.. Do you care about the human footprint in technology? Are you dynamic and do you like change while delivering consistent quality? Are you ambitious for yourself, your team and your client? Are you accessible and easy to approach, do you rather share and learn than excel on your own? Have a look at our current job profiles and join the game….

Java developers

You will be working on a multi-tier architecture using state-of-the-art design and development techniques such as MDA, REST and RIA, with a strong focus on enterprise characteristics, such as horizontal scalability, redundancy and high availability.


You will be working within a small team on the development of a new web interface on the Intix solution, based on the Vue.js framework, covering extensive search and dashboarding functions, as well as configuration management. 

Solr developer / contributor

You will work with our R&D team to develop features and fix bugs within and on top of Apache Solr. You will also be our bridge to the Solr community, and contribute our work back to the community.

Business Analyst

You are a product expert (both business and functional) for both Intix xTrail & xTrace products. You will follow up new developments in our products and apply them while contributing to client projects.

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